Scope Selection

Would you like to give us access to additional scopes so we can search your alliance's jump gates and add them to our tool?

Checking this box means you will give us access to the following scopes:

  • esi-search.search_structures.v1
  • esi-universe.read_structures.v1
We use these scopes to search through ESI, for all dockable structures and isolate Ansiblex Jump Gates from this list by searching for ">>" found in their names.

If a particular jump gate pair does not appear, this means the owner on one or both sides does not allow "Docking" thus causing them not to appear on ESI. There is no remedy for us to fix this issue as this lies solely with the gate owners to set ACLs to be ESI-Friendly. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

This process can be seen in this file.