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Additional Notes & Information.

This web app works by automatically searching for "dockable structures" and isolating Ansiblex Jump Gates through ESI. This requires additional scopes, there is an opt-in toggle on the login page to allow us access to them. More information is available on the login page.

Adding these scopes is completely optional, but highly encouraged.

Not all alliances/corps configure Upwell Navigation Structure ACLs the same way, missing jump gate pairs can be caused by the owner on one or both sides not allowing you or your alliance to "dock", without "docking" permission it is not possible to search for these structures as it does not show up on ESI. We encourage alliance leaders/ACL operators to allow "docking" for coalition partners so that their jump gate network becomes ESI-friendly. Docking =/= Boarding and poses no security risk.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Exiom via #tech-support on Evictus Discord or #alliance-leadership for Coalition Leaders on Legacy Discord.